Here's who to see, at Wight Chevrolet, for:

cars and light duty trucks:

Lee Wight (sales), Alan Wight (sales),
Marianne Wight (business mgr) and
Gordon Wight (retired Dealer, Dad, and Grandpa)

Lee Wight - click here to email Lee

was the Dealer at Wight Chevrolet for 25 years and has been in the business since 1971.  Lee loves to meet new people, so be sure to say hello.  Lee says: "In a small town, everyone knows everyone. It's not possible for us to get away with a bad deal or shoddy service. We must treat all our customers like we treat our friends in this community."

Alan Wight - click here to email Alan

grew up in the family business and is the Dealer at Wight Chevrolet. Over the years, he has performed just about every function that can be done here. Alan began selling cars and trucks with Lee (his dad) in 1995, and is proud to be the first of the 4th generation in the family business. Alan is, of course, "Parker's Dad" (from the radio commercials).  He and his wife, Kathy are the proud parents of four boys - Parker, Garrett, Harrison, and Graham.